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Improving Communities
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Non-Profit Housing & Public Service in Baltimore, Maryland

The Potomac Association of Housing Cooperative, in Baltimore, Maryland, is an organization dedicated to non-profit housing initiatives, public service, and the ongoing education of its members. We are actively recruiting new members; contact us for details.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide continuing education for our membership and facilitate nonprofit housing cooperatives while also gaining strength from our memberships and affiliations.
If the success of any organization is measured by its accomplishments, the PAHC can truly be considered successful! The organization has sponsored three Baltimore City housing cooperatives, and representatives of PAHC served on each interim Board of Directors. They, along with other PAHC representatives provided new member orientation and extensive leadership training to each respective cooperative community.
This organization was founded in 1976 by representatives from 13 housing cooperatives and one condominium association. The primary objective of the association was, and still is, continuing education for Board of Directors and members of cooperative communities.
Contact us for more information on our organization, its members, or with questions about membership.